Guitar Lessons, Piano Tuning, and Interstellar Artists

Guitar Instruction

If the capacity to play guitar and understand music is a serious aim for you, then you may want to consider finding some serious guitar instruction. 

Piano Tuning

Pianos are more than pieces of furniture. They are percussion-based, acoustic instruments with an extremely wide range and harmonically rich sound. The beautiful sound of the piano combined with the ingenious design and craftsmanship grants the performer a great capacity for musical production with only a minimal amount of effort. However, the price one pays for such remarkable playability goes beyond the initial purchase of the instrument. A piano requires regular maintenance and tunings. Please consider having your piano tuned so that it does not become merely a place for displaying family photos and other miscellaneous objects.

Interstellar Artists

Interstellar Artists is an 'art'-ificial arts label. It is something of a category for all artists related to Hanzu. It represents the reciprocity and working-together of various artists towards the fulfillment of one another's artistic aims. It is not an official label: it does not take credit for artists' works, nor does it take money for artists' works, nor does it force constraints upon the artists or their works. It is a pseudo-label assigned to making efforts to help artists meeting its criteria to realize their art. The criteria for an 'interstellar artist': To aim to be a Christian, to aim to be creative, to relentlessly pursue art from a calling.

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