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My name is Hans K. Grumbein (a.k.a. Hanzu, an experimental-ambient space-music artist). I was a founding member of the band Hendrick and I am also the guitarist for the artist Iris Leu ( (


I am a regularly performing and recording professional musician with a new approach to music theory, to its practical application, and to a solid grounding in guitar-playing technique. I am only seeking extremely serious guitar students willing to undertake a musical discipline following a particular method of instruction. 

There are different types of lessons depending on the student's current level. The emphasis is initially on technique through a hands-on approach. The emphasis gradually moves towards familiarization and memorization of the theoretical aspects of music and then gradually to their application on the instrument. After this, the emphasis shifts to encompass improvisation and composition.

Lesson fees are $50 per 1-hour lesson at my location and include the cost for the teaching materials.

To inquire about becoming a student, please contact me.

Group Work

The group work takes place within the context of a small, organized group of guitarists. Currently, we hold regular Wednesday night meetings. The aims of these meetings can be summarized as exploring guitar technique while working together in a way that is conducive to our personal development. In addition to these techniques is the teaching and implementation of a new music theory (to understand how music works), a new form of music notation (to enable effective communication of music), and a new guitar tuning (to encourage the use of one's ears during creative musical exploration rather than relying on deeply ingrained habits).

 Guitar Ensemble of Dallas

Necessary Equipment for Lessons or Group Work

  • Acoustic Guitar

  • Pick

  • Strap

  • Tuner

  • Metronome

Contact Information

Hans K. Grumbein


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