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"i've never heard anything like it! i forget it's music, it feels like a cinematic experience, as if i'm coasting on the river at one point, and immediately following, i'm in a dark forest with bats hovering all around.'s surprisingly a visual experience, even though it's coming through my ears! it's good to be reminded that music and emotions can be tied so closely." -Iris Leu

"The ambient compositions of Hanzu, who may or may not be of Japanese lineage, are occasionally epic and always cryptic. From extraterrestrial chimes with shining layers of rich sound to techno dance beats overlapping fleeting notes, the music takes hold and successfully transports us along a highway of synthesized sounds. The convincingly formed landscapes are populated with demented creatures who seem to attack the ear, submerging it in an underwater nightmare where colorful fireworks sparkle above the surface. One is then brought back to consciousness with high pitched wails and acoustic guitars, shattering the imaginary planet that has developed. The experience is akin to being awoken from a horrible dream yet wishing you could someday visit that most interesting and mysterious place again. Hanzu's music can be overwhelming unless taken in small doses at intervals throughout the day, or perhaps weeks and months depending on the digestive process of individual listeners. Despite this, some of the pieces can be summed up in one word descriptions: ethereal, trite, explosive, cleansing, and graceful. One haunting work consists of sustained cries full of grief with low winds blowing underneath and enveloping the whole. The most intriguing piece features electronically chattering bleeps clashing with harsh guitar strums, while gibberish is spoken faintly in the background. Guitar feedback as well as delay effects are a common occurrence in the music but are used tastefully and they consistently fit well within the context of the ambient style. These are all instrumental pieces that act as a diverse ocean, full of life and turmoil, with very few limits or musical boundaries. Although the listener may find themselves helplessly lost in this sea of sound, there is one comforting thought: the view is amazing." -Aaron M. Moore


Iris Leu






"'Echo and the Pass' is hands down the best song I've heard thus far this year." - Chris Mueller /

"Exhale" is one of the best local albums I've heard all year. I suggest you buy it the minute it becomes available" - Mark from 102.1 The Edge Local Show

"Josh Hendrick and Co. put on an extremely affecting stage show." "The lead singer's got one of the best voices in town." - Hunter Hauk / Dallas Morning News